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Bowling Green State University - Conklin Hall HVAC 

Lead Contractor in charge of multiple subcontractors including insulators, HVAC, interior finished, electrical, excavation, and concrete. Self-performed work included underground chiller water HDPE piping, welded chiller water piping, gas piping, and domestic water piping. The project consisted of HVAC upgrade within a student dorm.

University of Toledo Campus Infrastructure - Presidents Hall & Field House

Lead Contractor - Self-performed work included welded chilled water piping, installation of chilled water pumps, and installation of chillers. The chiller for the Field House had to be disassembled offsite, trucked to the Field House, offloaded, dollied down the hallway which was protected with matting to not damage the terrazzo floor. Once inside, the Chiller has to be reassembled, piped, wired and insulated.

Bowling Green State University - Slater Family Ice Arena

Titan Mechanical was hired to install new pumps, compressors, cooling tower, vessels, heat exchangers, expansion tanks and condensers at Slater Family Ice Arena at Bowling Green State University.

Clyde Ohio Generators

Titan Mechanical was contracted to set and pipe up sixteen (16) Kohler natural gas fired generators. With these sixteen (16) generators the City of Clyde was able to add an additional 10 MW of power to the electrical grid.

Linde Gas

Titan Mechanical was contracted by Linde Gas to provide all labor, material and equipment to complete the piping and rigging for the Linde Nitrogen Plant. Plant was constructed for the new ProTec Coatings Continuous Galvanizing Line in Leipsic, Ohio. The process piping was fabricated in Titan Mechanical shop in Haskins, Ohio.  Once fabrication was complete, all material was shipped to Leipsic for installation of new piping. Titan Mechanical had several critical crane lifts on the project, rigged and set the cold box weighing 109,000 pounds, TSA Container weighing 80,000 pounds, Water Chiller, Vaporizers and other ancillary equipment.

Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital

Titan Mechanical was contracted to add heating capabilities to Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital rooftop units.  Titan Mechanical added three (3) heating coils to three (3) rooftop units. Work included new pre-insulated piping installed on the roof to supply the new heating coils. Titan Mechanical installed new steam to glycol heat exchanger, pumps, and glycol feed system to supply the new heating system. This project was completed all while heat to the occupants with no disruptions.

Toledo Museum of Art

Titan Mechanical was contracted to make upgrades to Toledo Museum of Art existing powerhouse. The project consisted of the installation of two (2) new chillers, two (2) new cooling towers, two (2) new chilled water pumps, two (2) new cooling tower pumps, one (1) new heat exchanger, three (3) steam boilers, Electrical Switchgear, MCC and Temperature controls. Titan Mechanical self-performed the installation of the chilled water piping, cooling tower piping, steam piping, condensate piping, underground sanitary piping, and natural gas piping.

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